Fall is my favorite season so when I learned that the Fall Writing Frenzy Contest would be taking place again, it was an added bonus! And this year, not only am I submitting, but I’m also honored to be a prize donor! Hooray! I can’t wait to connect with another kidlit creative! BIG thanks to Kaitlyn Leann Sanchez and Lydia Lukidis for including me and organizing the event!  

Some of the things I love best about autumn are the crisp autumn air, the smoky scent of firewood burning, and of course the burst of beautiful colors within the trees.  Ironically, none of these elements appear in my submission for Fall Writing Frenzy. Instead, amongst all of the lovely autumn-themed images to choose from, it was a creepy clown that caught my eye. I kept coming back to it.  It made me wonder and reflect. I got to thinking about the idea of masks.  Why do we wear them? What are we trying to hide? Who are we hiding from? This is what spurred my idea for my submission.
Rules of the contest: Write a 200-word story geared towards children ages 0-17. The story should be inspired by one of the images provided by the hosts. And speaking of hosts, check out the full rules and FAQ’s on Kaitlyn Leann Sanchez and Lydia Lukidis, blogs.

The contest ends tomorrow, October 3rd, 11:59 PM EST  so there is still time to submit!

Here’s my entry!!


My creepy clown inspiration. Photo credit via Unsplash.

By Amanda Davis

(152 words, YA audience)

I slowly stretch the rubbery mask over my face.
It reeks of fresh latex.

Staring into the mirror.
Emptiness stares back.
Shark-like teeth,
stretch from ear to ear.
Ready to attack.
Fluorescent red 
coils from my head.
Dots my nose.
And smears my lips.


With a puff of purple smoke,
I burst into the world.
Roaming the streets.
Hiding behind this frightful facade.
You stare.
You wince.
You laugh.
You cry.
you see me.
It’s satisfying, 
yet unfamiliar.
yet fleeting.
I return home
and peel away the mask.
Sweat covers my face.

Staring into the mirror,
shyness stares back.
a crooked smile,
stretches from ear to ear.
Cowering with insecurity.
Dull black strands 
fall limp around my face.
My long nose
and pale lips scream, 
“I’m ugly!”
I stare.
I wince.
I laugh.
I cry.
An exhausting existence.
Now you see me.
Now you don’t.

Thanks for reading my entry! I’d love to hear your comments and feedback below. Good luck to all those who submitted, and stay tuned this Monday, October 5th, for my first interview of the Rising Stars in KidLit series. Check back then to learn more, and be sure to sign up below so you don’t miss out on new posts!  Happy creating y’all and cheers to creepy clown pictures! 🙂 

Responses to “#FallWritingFrenzy”

  1. Laken Slate

    This was creepy, cool, spooky, sad. I can’t stop picturing Heath Ledger’s “Joker.”

    • Amanda Davis

      Hi Laken! Thank you! I know! After I wrote it, I realized it had a very Joker(ish) feel. It sort of looks like him, too! Thanks for the feedback 🙂

  2. Brittany Pomales

    Loved this, Amanda. You captured the thrill and emptiness of being or wanting to be someone else. It means nothing until you are comfortable in your own skin. Great entry!

    • Amanda Davis

      Hi Brittany! Thanks for feedback and yes! We all want to be seen but never at the expense of our own self-worth. Being comfortable and confident in our own skin is an ultimate must! 🙂

  3. Kathy Chalas

    Your piece is a very powerful, heart-wrenching, and relatable snapshot a young person struggling with identity, craving acceptance, and questioning self-worth. It is thought-provoking and has wonderful imagery. I really enjoyed reading this!

    • Amanda Davis

      Wow! Thanks, Kathy! That was my intention 🙂 I’m glad it shined through. It’s always interesting to learn people’s interpretations of our work. I appreciate you taking the time to share.


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