#BridgingtheDistance Art Challenge

Art Licensing Show & Greeting Card Association


ART: Any kind or message, focused on the text, but include art as well. Art does not have to be new, but it does have to fit the greeting card theme.
THEME: The theme is BRIDGING THE DISTANCE. Anything you would send to a friend to encourage them as they shelter-in-place and carry on with life. (i.e. We are all in this together. Thinking of You. Sending Virtual Hugs. Etc…). We want to encourage people to send greeting cards to stay in touch.
SIZE: Create art so it looks good in a vertical Instagram Story context as well as cropped into a square in case it gets chosen for the feed or gallery. Recommended size is a 4:5 ratio – 1080 x 1350px.
CREDIT: Put your name on the piece somewhere so people can easily tag you. Don’t make it so big that it takes over the piece.


See below for my entry 🙂 Sending BEAR HUGS around the world!


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