GNOMES and UNGNOMES : Poems of Hidden Creatures


GNOMES and UNGNOMES : Poems of Hidden Creatures

Writers’ Loft Press, December 1, 2023
ISBN (HC): 9780998317298

GNOMES and UNGNOMES Poems of Hidden Creatures is an expansive collection of original, illustrated poems about mythological creatures. Criss-cross the globe through the lens of over 100 authors and illustrators. From the nightmare-eating Baku of Japan to the weather-weaving Acalica fairies of Bolivia.

Can you keep track of all seven heads of the Cambrian dragon? Ever wondered what’s inside a unicorn’s horn? Can you spot the Spectre Moose in Maine? Flip the page to India and behold the stunning 9-animal patchwork Navagunjara. Or pop into a middle school dance just in time to watch Big Foot stomp on his date’s toe! Oh no!

From the tourist-terrorizing Drop Bears of Australia to the fireball Soucoyant of the Caribbean, this anthology is packed with more mermaids, gnomes, and other mythological creatures than you can point a shaky camera at.

With over 13 different types of poems, this book is an unbelievable poetry resource for teachers, librarians, and parents. Don’t forget to find the hidden gnome on every spread!