Voices From the Flag Tour

In remembrance of the 20th Anniversary of 9/11, follow 30,000 Stitches as it travels to some of the same places as the National 9/11 Flag. Along the way, hear from the voices that were involved in the flag’s journey and those who helped the nation heal and unite. These stories are a reminder of our strength and resilience—a sliver of light, hope, and healing, and a reflection on the power of coming together to overcome difficult times. Follow along on social media at #VoicesFromTheFlagTour.



9/12 has become a day dedicated to paying it forward. A day to remember how communities came together to unite and help one another after 9/11. The New York Says Thank You Foundation is the volunteer organization that oversaw the Flag Restoration Tour. The Foundation’s mission is, “to build hope and provide healing to people around the world to continually ‘pay it forward’ for the humanity, kindness, and volunteer spirit New Yorkers – and all Americans – experienced on 9/12. The Foundation strives to keep alive the spirit of 9/12 and show the world that LOVE is stronger than hate.”

With the spirit of 9/12 in mind, today we are hearing from one last voice from the flag…Alex Ballesteros. Alex’s dedication to service and sacrifice to others began over 27 years ago when he enlisted in the United States Navy. Alex is a survivor of the 9/11 Pentagon attack and a National 9/11 Flag stitcher.

I hope you take time to read Alex’s story and all the others that have been featured in the Voices from the Flag Tour. Please continue to share their stories as a way to honor and remember and continue to share your own stories as a way to connect, unite, and create a more inclusive world. Thank you for following along with the Voices From the Flag Tour series. I want to express my deep gratitude for all those who opened up and shared their stories with me as part of this tour. I’m so, so grateful for you. You’ve inspired me, and I know you’ve inspired others with your stories, too.